Jan 28

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Snow sculptures and cool clocks

As if to make up for the dreckitude that was this week, the Universe gave me a perfectly wonderful day with my mother today. As the title of this post suggests, we saw snow sculptures and cool clocks.  🙂

The adventure for the day was to visit the “NH Sanctioned Snow Sculpting at Black Mountain” event in Jackson, NH.  It’s about an hour away and it was a beautiful day for a drive!

The snow sculpting started Friday at noon and continues until Sunday at noon. We went to see the sculptures around noon today, and then returned again around 5 p.m. to see their progress.  Oh my goodness!!!  Some of them were absolutely AMAZING!!!

Here is a bit of what we saw (click on any of the pictures to see full screen-size versions that show more detail):

Snow wedding sculpture

The title on their drawing was "White Wedding"

Various carvers had different methods for conceiving their designs: rough sketches, very precise drawings, clay models, cardboard cut-outs.  And some didn’t have anything. Maybe they had a clear picture in their mind…or maybe they were making it up as they went.  Who knows?!  🙂

Drawing for "White wedding"

The drawing for "White Wedding"

When we went back in the afternoon, neither of us thought much progress had been made on this one, but now that I see the pictures, I see that we were wrong.  I also see that the first picture looks so much like kissing bananas that I can’t think of it as anything else.

Kissing BananasMore “before” and “later” pictures:

Snow Staircase

This one blows me away. Maybe my favorite of the bunch.

Snow Dancers

The clay model and the snow version at noon. I don't seem to have an evening picture of this one.

Sawing Snow

Two guys sawing snow. 🙂

This Snow Chief is so impressive he needs multiple pictures:

Snow Chief

There was a tarp over the chief during the day to keep the sun from melting his face.

Snow Chief

Oh. My. Goodness. WOW.

What an amazing display of human potential.  I’m in complete awe of what these people are capable of.

And not to leave out the cool clocks… while we were driving up to this event, we passed a shop that seemed too interesting to pass by. I’m so glad we stopped to check it out!!  The outside was really, really cool.  The inside was even better!

It’s called RavenWood Curio Shoppe and they have the most interesting and eclectic collection of stuff that I want in my home I can imagine!

There was no end of amazing stuff to look at.  Here are two clocks that particularly caught my eye:

Screwy Clock

Titled "Screwy Clock". Heh heh. Get it? SCREWy clock!? 🙂


Feather Clock

If you look very carefully at the top of the second hand, you'll see a perfect little feather that bounces with each "tick". I love it.

If you’re ever in Jackson, NH, I HIGHLY recommend a trip into this amazingly wondrous shop!

It was a great day.  I’m so grateful.  🙂

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