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Momentary Times

This weekend I visited my friend Dan who lives on the seacoast of New Hampshire.  The fact that the ocean is a 30-second walk from his front door made the adventure extra appealing. 🙂

Dan Mitchell with his kids, Darcy and Andrew

Dan and I have been friends for about six years.  He has seen me through some really hard times and some really good times.  He is always on the other end of the phone when I call.

He is a man with big dreams.  It’s probably part of the reason that we get along so well – and also why we sometimes clash.

Here is Dan’s dream: to end homelessness.

Seriously.  Big dreams.

And I have to admit that more than once, as I listened to him talking about the book he’s writing and the film he’s making, I thought…he’s way out of his depth.

And then this weekend he showed me some of the film.  And I was BLOWN AWAY.

Last year Dan took 100 days to drive across the country with a film crew.  In various cities he filmed interviews with homeless people, advocates for the homeless, and man-on-the-street interviews with people who want to help the homeless and people who want to forget they exist.

Now he is in his little beach cottage working on making a movie.  He has a full-time job running a homeless shelter.  And he comes home and “picks away” (his words) at the movie on his time off.

Dan often talks about money and time being the only two resources we truly have.  He doesn’t have a lot of money, so he’s using his time the best way he can.

His ideas about how to treat the homeless are pretty revolutionary – having been in the hospitality industry for most of his life, he believes that a person staying in a homeless shelter should be treated like a guest rather than a problem.  He believes that the residents should be treated with respect and should be given advocacy rather than yelled at.  He believes in building them up, rather than shaming them.

Listening to him talk this weekend, I finally GOT it.  This man can change the world.  Honest to God, he can.  I am inspired by his passion and his drive.  I am inspired by the fact that his goal is more important to him than the obstacles he faces.

Below is one of the trailers he’s put together for the film.  If it intrigues you, click here to see a piece of Dan’s presentation and browse through some of his other clips and previews.  If you have the resources and you believe (as I do) that Dan Mitchell can change the world, please go to his website and make a donation that will help to get the film finished.

So many of us don’t start because we’re afraid to fail.  Part of what I admire about Dan is that he doesn’t let that fear of failure stop him.  He laughed this weekend as he said, “Worst case scenario is I don’t end homelessness!”

Momentary Times- The Series #1 from Momentary Times on Vimeo.

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  1. Denise Wolf

    I think it is wonderful that your friend has such passion and commitment to something so important. What great work he is doing not only on his project and with his goal but also during the day. Such alignment with his values and how he wants to make a difference in this world is truly laudable. How blessed you both are to have each other as friends.

    And for those who feel overwhelmed at the thought of immersing their lives in a project like that in order to make a difference, I think it is important to remember that we can make a difference with acts of kindness and generosity and a loving, compassionate approach to our fellow human beings. Our callings may be smaller but no less impactful so there are no excuses 🙂 for being less than we were meant to be.

    1. Leah Carey

      So true, Denise – the most important thing is fulfilling OUR calling, no matter what it may be. For some, it’s feeding the neighborhood cats, for some it’s changing the face of the world. One of my favorite quotes is “God doesn’t make junk.” We’re all here for a reason.

  2. Leslie

    Dan is genuine, caring and a man of great understanding and heart. If he reads these words he will chuckle and blush. He is that kind of guy.
    Dan is sincere in his purpose. There is nothing in all of his endeavors to be gained for himself.
    Dan is a kind soul.What is there about him not to love?
    Love you Dan ,my friend:-)

  3. Nancy

    I love the video.. looks happy family the baby is so cute..Thank you for sharing this post..

  4. Jean Alice

    Why not end homelessness? I have known Daniel for many years. His background in hospitality and his life philosophy make him well suited for this work. The film gives us an idea of what being homeless means. Watch the trailer to be inspired.

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