Feb 29

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How am I like a K-Cup?

Here is a lovely thing about the newsroom – they really appreciate me.  I don’t think I’ve ever felt as appreciated as I do there.  For instance, this week the big news has been that they got one of those K-Cup coffeemakers.  To say that there are almost hourly spasms of delight from all corners of the newsroom would be an understatement.  I’ve seriously never seen a group of men so enraptured over something that doesn’t involve sports or breasts.

In trying to explain just how fabulous this new K-Cup machine is, my editor said yesterday, “It’s the best thing to happen to the newsroom since…since…since LEAH GOT HERE!!!!”  🙂  Everyone laughed, but I could tell he meant it.

Completely random (but hilarious!) cartoon from here

(One small note – they may not appreciate me more than anyone ever has, because there’s a good chance that people appreciated me before and I didn’t recognize it and couldn’t receive it.)

On another subject…you know people are always saying that you should pay your bills with an “attitude of gratitude” and be so happy about the checks that you’re writing?  Yeah, it always sounded kind of suspicious to me too.

But today I realized that I actually get EXCITED now when I make my credit card payment. It’s a reflection of how hard I’ve worked to build a sizable debt payment for the month.  And because I’ve got my handy-dandy spreadsheet, I get to play a fun game: a few weeks before the payment is due, I schedule the minimum payment so that I know I’m covered on the due date.  As soon as a surplus shows up on my spreadsheet, I adjust the payment.  I usually get to do that two or three times and it INCREASES MY DELIGHT every time I get to make the number bigger!!!  I really, truly never realized that paying off debt could be this much fun!

In other cool news – I’ve been tracking my Alexa ranking since January 2. I’m still not completely clear on what it does, but I’ve learned that once it’s in a certain zone, advertisers start wanting to do business with you and other opportunities start showing up.  The smaller your number is, the more popular your site is.  For instance, Google is #1 and Facebook is #2.  Go figure.

When I started tracking on Jan. 2, my Alexa rating was 1,646,418.  Today, just 8 weeks later, I broke 500,000!!!  As of this moment I’m at 498,463.  As I understand it, the magic number is 200,000, so I’m getting close!

Finally, I’d like to thank Writing As A Sacred Art for featuring my post “Walking My Talk” on her “Lovely Words” blog carnival.

Oh! And just one more thing…  🙂

In two weeks, I’m going to start sending out weekly emails to my mailing list that will feature my “Juicy Tips For Miraculous Living“.  You seriously DON’T want to miss these!  As I write them, I’m getting SOOOO excited!!!  So if you’re not on my mailing list yet, sign yourself up!!!  (Um, how many exclamation points did I just use?  Yes, I’m that excited!!!)

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