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Tuition PAID

Tonight our guest post comes from Ashley Karr.  I spent a little time wandering around her site this evening and I really like the work that she’s doing.  Here’s a story about how she got there:

Ashley Karr

“I was a month away from completing my master’s degree and very low on cash. My web-based business was not as successful as I had hoped, and so I was job hunting – trying to find something to pay the bills when my graduate teaching position expired upon graduation and I was left with a few dollars in affiliate marketing commission per month from my site. In one of my searches, I stumbled upon information about a wellness coaching certification through a company called Wellcoach. The certification was right up my alley, would make me more competitive in the job market, and lend itself nicely to my web-based business model. However, the tuition was $1,000. Where was I going to get the money?

I said a prayer, saying that if I was meant to get this certificate, the money would present itself before the deadline. What happened next still makes me chuckle. Two days later, I received an email from financial aid stating that I had been awarded a scholarship for $4,000. $3,000 was going to my tuition, and I had been cut a check for $1,000. By that evening, I had deposited the check and paid the tuition for my wellness coaching certificate. The rest is history!”

Ashley Karr is a research psychologist and wellness coach (hallelujah! What a great story!) She has worked with organizations such as Patagonia, UCLA, and Agnes Scott College; she has appeared in Elle, Shape, and Cosmo; and has published a number of writings on physical and mental health, including contributions to an organizational health textbook by Oxford University Press. You can find her at www.AshleyWellnessCoaching.com.

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