Mar 04

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Race to the Finish

This weekend was for the dogs.  The sled dogs!  Yesterday I had a chance to go to the East Burke Sled Dog Dash in East Burke, Vt., to watch some sled dog action.  I was excited to see it unfold, and I gotta tell you – it was even cooler than I’d imagined it to be.

There were hundreds of dogs around, and when one dog got excited it would set off ten other dogs barking.  As they waited at the start line to take off, they were straining at their leads, barking, even leaping several feet in the air.  This is what they’re bred for and what they train for – they love to run.  It was truly awe inspiring to watch an entire group of animals with a common purpose, doing what they love.

Running for the finish line

When a team finished (they are time trials with staggered starts, so the finishes were mostly staggered as well), the cacophony of barking started again.

There was something about the voice of 20 or 30 dogs raised in excited howls that really got my blood flowing.  It was a good day.


Last week I re-learned my own lesson about not making food on Sunday.  It was a bad food week, filled with poor food decisions.  And stress – because I can go into a lot of stress when I don’t have food ready to go when I need it.  So today I made baked some sweet potatoes, made lentil applesauce muffins (yum yum!), and a turkey and bean stew.  This will be a GOOD food week!  🙂


I’m also trying to turn over a new leaf when it comes to how I work.  I have a tendency to get excited about something and then work on it 24/7 until I’ve run myself ragged and I collapse.  My creative juices are running right now, but rather than working on my to-do list (which must be at least six pages long by now!) I decided to take most of the day off today.  I read a book.  I lazed around.  I took a bath.  And I gave myself a break.  The to-do list will still be there tomorrow.

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