Mar 13

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Better late than never

This miracle came from Abdo Salem through the website.

This happened 1980. I was a Naval officer and I was to go to my unit
every day in the morning. One day I got up late about two hours. I was in great tension that I would be punished for it or at least hear
rebuke from the leader. I put on my uniform quickly. And as the
regular bus had passed I got a taxi. I entered the office of the
leader to offer my apology and said, “Sorry sir, I have come late.”
He said, “What? Why do you say so? Are you crazy? I have seen you here all the time. I don’t want problems here in my unit. Go to your cell.” I didn’t add a word and left wondering  thanking God it passed.

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I know – it’s unrelated (except for the military reference) but it struck me as funny.  🙂  Off The Mark is one of my favorites and you can find it here.

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  1. Denise Wolf

    I really love hearing about the miracles from others. Thanks so much for creating a forum for them to be shared.
    And of course, love hearing from you. Thanks for sharing your place.

    1. Leah Carey

      Thanks Denise! I hope that you’ll share one of your own sometime. 🙂

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