Apr 12

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The Tango Flamenco

Tonight’s guest post comes from Brenda Della Casa.

Here’s what I love about her story – it’s about the little things.  The music on the radio and the flowers on the table.  Sometimes we get confused; we think that miracles have to be BIG.  The little moments are sometimes even more satisfying.

Yesterday, as I was scrubbing the floors of my apartment, listening to the Tango Flamenco station on Pandora, I started to think about what my walls had seen in the year and a half I had lived there. Tears, fears, stagnancy, and finally movement, painting, laughter and invitations for others to join me inside for a glass of wine. I thought about where I began, in a violent, abusive and neglectful home and my journey to this peaceful moment and lamented on what a blessing my survival had been but what a miracle it was that I was thriving. The simple fact that I cared enough to scrub my floors and buy fresh flowers and visit the fruit market while singing along to the music in my iPhone (Madonna’s “Girls Gone Wild”) was proof that life is for the living and all missteps and challenges are blessings there to teach us lessons so that we may move onto the next level.

Brenda Della Casa is the author of Cinderella Was a Liar and she is the managing editor of I Am Staggered, USA.  She also writes a really interesting blog called Walking Barefoot at

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