Apr 26

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The Wriggly Puppy

I am BEYOND excited to finally share this miracle with you.  I’ve been sitting on it for several weeks now, waiting for the right moment to release it, and it’s finally come!!!

I’ve mentioned Michele Rosenthal in a couple of recent posts.  Here’s the story of what happened:

She sent me this miracle about recovering from PTSD.  I care very much for someone who has PTSD, so her miracle hit really close to home.  Michele and I started corresponding and she mentioned that she was about to release a book about her experience called “Before The World Intruded.” She sent me an advance copy of her book to review and I flew through it.  I was blown away.

Michele told me that she would be releasing her book on April 25 (that’s yesterday!)  I told her that I usually post guest miracles on Thursdays, so I would put hers up tonight.

Then she invited me to be a part of her release extravaganza – if you buy “BEFORE THE WORLD INTRUDED: Conquering the Past and Creating the Future” between now and May 2 (which you can do by clicking here), you’ll get almost $2,000 worth of extras FOR FREE.  You know what’s included in that bonus?  MY BOOK!  You’ll get a copy of “The Year Of Miraculous Living” FOR FREE when you purchase Michele’s book!  Does it get any better?  I think not.  🙂

But WAIT!!! There’s more!!!  I loved Michele’s book so much that I invited her to tape an interview with me so I could share it with all of you.  That audio is available below Michele’s post.

So here it is – the post that started what has become a truly lovely friendship…

How the Miracle of Puppy Joy Changed My Life Forever

In 2003 I was struggling with an extremely bad case of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). After a horrific life-threatening illness in 1981 at the age of thirteen, I fell into a chronic state of anxiety, fear and depression. By the time I was thirty-five I had grown into a woman who never felt joy, always felt pain and lived in the shadows of life.

When I fell in love with a wiggly, joyful, cuddly Wheaten Terrier on a street corner I decided to get one of my own. I sat on the floor of the breeder’s house as she brought out the puppies. From across the room, a male puppy’s tiny brown and black body raced toward me. He ducked under my arm, climbed into my lap and sat down, curling his tiny form against me.

“This one’s mine!” I announced.

I called him Baylee, a name that seemed both whimsical and human. That night, I set up Baylee’s crate beside my bed. His first night away from his mom made Baylee whimpery. In the dark, I sat beside his crate and sang him the lullaby my mother sang to me as a little girl. At the sound of my voice, Baylee curled up on the towel inside the crate and fell asleep.

That was nine years ago. I expected to like having a puppy; I didn’t expect the miracle of joy, love and recovery that Baylee brought into my life. Because of his sense of humor I began to laugh again. I learned to reconnect to the present moment, engage in the outside world, and open myself to feeling love. Slowly, I learned to believe in myself and my ability to be happy. Eventually, I learned to release the past. That was the biggest miracle of all.

Michele Rosenthal is a Post-Trauma Coach, host of ‘Your Life After Trauma’ on Seaview Radio, and the founder of  www.healmyptsd.com. Baylee is one of the main stars in her memoir, Before the World Intruded: Conquering the Past and Creating the Future. She is now 100% PTSD free.

Listen to my interview with Michele here:


If you have experienced trauma (and whether it’s trauma with a big “T” or a little “t”, who hasn’t experienced trauma at some point in their lives?!?), or you know someone who is dealing with post-traumatic stress, I highly, highly encourage you to purchase Michele’s book.  It is pure amazingness.

Plus you get a FREE copy of my book “The Year Of Miraculous Living” and almost $2000 worth of other freebies!

Don’t miss out – click here to learn more about Michele’s extraordinary book.

Please note – although I am participating in Michele’s release party, I am not making any money on sales of her book.  I simply believe in it enough to gush this much.  🙂

(PS – If for some reason you don’t want Michele’s book and the $2000 worth of freebies, my book will be available through The Miracle Journal for a brief period after May 2.)

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