May 15

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A whole MONTH?!?

About 10 days ago I had a conversation with my mom about selling the website business. She asked me if I would let myself take any time off.  It was a fair question, given that she knows my tendency to fill any little space with 16 new ideas and projects.

I considered her question and after a moment I said, “I think I’ll give myself two weeks off.  I won’t start anything new or get myself involved in any crazy new projects.”  Of course, I still have to keep working at the newspaper and maintaining my freelance writing work, but she was encouraging me to give myself some space before creating any new drama/excitement/work for myself.

Her response: “Why don’t you give yourself a whole month?”

Smart woman.

Because lemme tell ya – it’s only been five days, and I’ve already been this close to signing on to two different training programs that I was absolutely sure would be the right thing for me to do.  🙂  In one case I needed Mom to remind me of the promise I’d made to myself; the other time I talked myself down.

I’m finally making real progress on paying down debt down.  I don’t want to make a decision that starts me going in the opposite direction again.  Even if I justify it to myself as “investing in my future.”  It’s just not the right thing to do now.

In each case I feel SO good about that decision.  Because if those two trainings really are the absolutely right things for me to be doing, they’ll still be absolutely right six or eight or twelve months from now when I’m ready to do them.


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