May 22

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Summer adventure

Last year I made two lists at the beginning of summer – one was my List of 37, which I’ll review here soon. The other was a list I didn’t post on the Journal; it was my list of things I wanted to do during the summer.

I just caught sight of that summer list posted on my desk. Although I didn’t come close to doing everything on it, I did four things – take my first motorcycle ride, go paddling in a kayak, play on a playground, and go to a county fair.

This summer I’m going to limit myself to three things that I absolutely want to do…the thought being that with only three things on the list, there’s no excuse!

That looks JUST like me! 🙂

Those three things are:

* Go to a drive-in movie – I’ve never been to one and there’s a theatre that plays double features about a half hour from me.

* Go horseback riding – I haven’t been since I was a kid and I was too scared to enjoy it.

* Take tango/salsa/other Latin dance lessons – This has been coming up really strongly for me over the last week.  I definitely want to start taking some dance classes, but there aren’t many offered in this area so I’m going to have to be strategic.  In the fall there will be a series of classes offered about 75 minutes away, and I may do that.  But I’d really like to start sooner than that.  I’ve done a bit of research and I’ll keep doing more to see what I can find (any locals have suggestions?)

One thing that I’ve impressed myself with since starting the Journal is how many new things I’ve tried – in addition to the things listed above, I’ve been tree climbing, shooting, and so much more.  Here’s to another summer of fun and adventure!

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  1. Jolina

    Kayaking has been my favorite summer activity and I will do it again
    Jolina recently posted at their blog…Kitchen islands

  2. Jill

    Come horseback riding at Deep Springs!!

    1. Leah Carey

      That sounds like a fantastically AWESOME idea! 🙂 I’ve got a week of vacation this fall that is still unplanned. Perhaps we should talk… 🙂
      Love you! Please give everyone a squeeze for me.

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