May 29

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Perfection vs. deadlines

Tonight’s post is a bit early because we have big thunderstorms rolling through and I want to turn my computer back off in a few minutes.

This last week has been another exercise in letting go of perfection for me.  I had a big project at the newspaper that kind of kicked my butt. At the same time, I’ve been given a bunch of new responsibilities since the last time I produced one of these special sections, so I had less time to work on it.

Last week, I had three deadlines all converge at once.  I got permission to put in some overtime, but even so I knew that I had to be as efficient as possible to get everything done.

Last week I turned in the feature story I’d been assigned and the weekly column.

Today we shipped the special section.  What a relief!

The end result is that none of them is done to the level of perfection that I expect of myself.  But it’s done.

All the work was turned in.  No deadlines were missed.  And, as I joke with one of my friends, no one ended up in the psych ward or the hospital – so it was a success!

I still want to do my work with excellence – and I believe that, within the boundaries that I had available, I did – but I’m really glad for another opportunity to go for completion rather than perfection!

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