Jun 24

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Moving energy

I’ve had a bee in my bonnet for the last couple of weeks about rearranging the furniture in my apartment.

Today the bee finally moved from my bonnet into my legs and arms and I started moving stuff around.  After about an hour and a half (and one spilled container of sand and one broken CD tower 🙂 ), everything in my apartment was a complete disaster and I still had no idea how to arrange the furniture.

I went downstairs to get my laundry and ran into my neighbor Melissa.  We haven’t hung out in a while and she offered to come help me move furniture.  In fact, she said, “I love doing that!”  Okay, now that HAS to be a miracle – who likes rearranging furniture in someone else’s apartment?!?!

She came in and immediately had an idea that made everything work.  She helped me move the furniture into place and then kept me company while I started reorganizing my stuff.

I know that people say when you move things around energy gets stirred up and things start moving.  Well it hardly could have moved any faster!  10 minutes after Melissa walked out the door, I was on the phone talking for the first time with a young woman named Kate.  A mutual friend introduced us a while back, but we didn’t connect until…you guessed it!…the stuff in my apartment had moved.

It was an amazing conversation – we have so much in common and life goals that are amazingly similar.  By the time we got off the phone, we were both bubbling over with excitement about the things that we’re going to do together.

I’m now a believer.  If you’re feeling stuck, rearrange your furniture.  🙂

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