Jul 04

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Thin and beautiful

I’ve been going through old photos over the last couple of weeks and I’ve found some interesting surprises and wonderful memories.  The one that I just can’t get out of my head is this one:

It was my first (and possibly last) semi-formal in college – freshman year at Brandeis University they have a dance called “Screw Your Roommate” where you set your roommate up on a blind date.  That night was very memorable (not necessarily in a good way, but in a “wow, I can’t believe I lived through that” way…)

I remember that night.  And I remember how fat I thought I was.  I was horrified that I was SOOOO much bigger than all the skinny little girls around me. I felt terrible about myself.

Now I look at that picture and my first thought is – gosh, I was gorgeous!  And look how skinny I was!

Amazing what a little perspective can do.  These days I’m feeling like it’s time to get healthy again – I’m a little heavier than I’d like to be, and I’m not feeling at my best.  But even so, I still feel better than that thin pretty girl did 20 years ago.

I wonder what I’ll think 20 years from now when I look back at pictures from today?

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  1. Kathleen Shannon

    There was a pic I found of myself in a group of friends when I was a kid. I kept looking for the chubby girl. Then someone pointed out a taller girl in the back and said that was me. I had no clue that was me.

    What torture we put ourselves under with our minds and for years and years afterwards.

    Healthy is the new skinny, ya know. 🙂

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