Jul 05

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Small gems

Long day.  Tired Leah.

I don’t have cable or NetFlix (never had cable, gave up NetFlix during the great cost cutting). I only watch the things that I can see online – which is a lot, but certainly not everything I’d like to see.  For instance, the first episode of HBO’s series “Newsroom” is available for free and I loved it (click here to watch the free stream).  Unfortunately that’s probably the only one that will be available, so now I’m wondering what’s happening on a great show that I can’t watch.  🙂

However, there’s a lot that I can watch on Hulu.  And every once in a while I come across a gem of a series that has all of its episodes available.  Last weekend I found just such a series – with THREE  seasons available!

The show is “Being Erica” – which I’d heard of, but since it’s on SoapNet, I assumed it would be trashy and terrible.  Oh how wrong I was!  The lead actress is delightful and I love the concept of the show – that she gets to go back and look at moments in her life that she’s ashamed of to see how she might have done them differently.

So here is my official recommendation – if you haven’t seen it yet, head on over and start watching!  Here’s the link: http://www.hulu.com/being-erica

In other news, I’ve just signed up to be part of a book review program through Hay House, which means I’ll occasionally be using this space to review books.  They’re all in the personal development field, so I think they should fit right in with the usual type of posts that I do.  Hopefully I’ll find some gems that we can all benefit from!

I hope everyone had a wonderful day of independence and I look forward to talking with you again next Sunday…after I get some sleep! 🙂

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