Jul 12

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When friends friending friends gets confusing

Here’s a collection of things that have put a smile on my face recently…

I was on Facebook today and noticed that one of my high school friends had “friended” one of my college friends.  Which got me really confused – I had to go back and specifically think of each of them in context to make sure that they really were from two totally different periods of my life.  And it’s especially surprising since they live in different cities and move in very different circles (one is a corporate attorney and one is in theatre).  They certainly never met through me, which means it’s an even smaller world than I sometimes think it is.

Isn’t that funny?  It’s weird when two totally unrelated strands of your life meet in an unexpected place. 🙂


This afternoon I was making lunch plans with a friend for next week. I’ve been eating out a bit too often the last few weeks – I haven’t busted my budget, but I want to be more diligent.  So rather than turning it into a drama, I messaged my friend, “I’ve been pushing my eating out budget a bit too much for the last couple of weeks, so I’d like to bring my lunch. Do you mind meeting somewhere for a picnic?”  Not only did she not mind, she seemed kind of grateful too.  It feels SO good to know what my limits are and to be up front about them, not try to squirrel around them.


In the case of the skyrocketing credit card rate, I called to follow up with the company because their resolution department was supposed to get back to me last week. I spoke with a lovely young woman (who answered the phone, “Hello this is _____, how can I provide you with excellent service today?”  Who writes their scripts for them?!?)

She checked my records to see what the hold up was and when I told her that this was all over being two days late on a payment her response was, “Well that’s ridiculous! I’m going to reverse that for you right now.  You shouldn’t have that kind of penalty because of two days!”

She was amazing!  By the time we finished the call it was taken care of.  I told her she was an angel.  From her response I’m guessing she doesn’t hear that kind of feedback very often.  🙂


Funny little miracle – I wanted to find an email but I couldn’t remember the name of the woman who sent it. As I scanned my inbox, I saw some emails from someone else I’ve finished corresponding with. I sorted by name in order to catch all his emails and file them. As I grabbed the emails to file, guess who was the next alphabetical name… the woman whose name I couldn’t remember!  🙂


And finally, if you still have any question that there are miracles in this world, check out this link: http://news.yahoo.com/blogs/lookout/family-makes-good-dying-family-member-last-wish-183919770.html


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