Jul 31

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I’m finally on the right path

Tonight was the first Monthly Miracle Makeover session and I’m SO JAZZED!  The people who showed up were absolutely wonderful and I left feeling great.  Which is exactly what I had set as my intention – to leave feeling fulfilled and excited to start planning next month’s session!

After the Dowsers’ Convention in June, I talked about how my friend and mentor had told me that I needed to stop “trying” to be a teacher and start “being” a teacher.

For the last several years, I’ve been teaching all sorts of different things – all in the personal development field, but never with a specific focus.  Every time I prepared for a presentation, it was like starting over from scratch.  Stressful.

What Sue was trying to impress upon me is that it’s time to stop playing around the edges and start teaching what I know…what I’m passionate about…and what I’m living every day.  And that’s MIRACLES.

Tonight I took my first giant step in that direction.  I sat with a group of people and talked about miracles.  And it felt GOOD.

After it was done I was able to say to myself for the very first time – I finally feel like I’m on the right path.  I’m excited and ready to rock and roll.  I’m ready to get next month’s session started.  I’m excited to start planning sessions in St. Johnsbury (20 minutes away).  I can see the path forward and I’m thrilled.

I’m so grateful.

To the women who showed up tonight – thank you.  You were definitely my miracle tonight!  🙂

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