Aug 01

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They found me HOW?

Tonight we have another edition of “They found me by searching for WHAT?!?”  My site host provides me with a report of all the things people searched in Google in the last month that led them to my site.  Some of them are humorous.  Some of them are really sweet.  And some of them, frankly, are just a bit heartbreaking.

And for the record – I had absolutely NO idea how many people were searching for boobs.

Here are just a few of the ones that caught my attention:

  • i love you anyway
  • selfish relation
  • what does my soulmate look like?
  • laugh laughing – awwww… that one makes me smile.  🙂
  • vision board miracles – YES!!!
  • freshflower – ummmmm…’k…..  I have no idea….
  • ponies and rainbows – LOL!!  And I keep saying that life ISN’T about ponies and rainbows.  🙂
  • vulnerability and love
  • delicious kale drinks – 🙂  with thanks to Jenn for introducing me to my favorite kale drink!
  • sex miracle
  • father and daughter bonding
  • wife thinks I’m going to hell – I’m really sorry to hear that… I’m guessing this isn’t the same person who searched “i love you anyway”…
  • first memories of boobs
  • lashunbeal – ???
  • broken relationship of dad and daughter
  • what should i respect myself for – oh honey…everything!
  • abandoned storage unit auctions uk cornwall – ummmmm???????  I can’t even imagine which post they ended up at!
  • miracle season magazine – is this a real magazine?  I want to find out about it!
  • thank you for telling me i am going to hell – perhaps you need to meet the husband up above…
  • the mr men show characters
  • you still love me !! – awwww….
  • a soul mate is one who makes life come to life
  • it s okay i love you
  • my little miracle magazine
  • This is a totally random picture that I found online. And I know it's completely wrong to include it here...but it made me laugh out loud. 🙂

    i love touching my friends boobs – it’s good to know what works for you.  As long as you have your friends’ permission.  🙂

  • my neighbors will say i was quiet and kept to myself – okay, I’ll admit… this one kinda terrifies me…
  • feeling terrific – WOOHOO!!  I’m glad this person found their way here!
  • maura murray update 2012 – this is sad, scary, and just a little random…
  • teacher touched my breasts – Danger, Will Robinson!
  • jornal nime sara miracle – ummmmm??
  • gagged girls – and again, let me say – I’m just a little frightened

And finally…

  • cinnamon parakeet  🙂

Image found here.

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  1. Frank

    Oh, how nice! You make my day bright. Thanks for sharing.

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