Aug 14

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Book Review – The Medical Daily Planner

The Medical Day Planner:
The Guide to Help Navigate the Medical Maze
by Tory Zellick
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A little over 10 years ago, my grandmother (who had been my grandfather’s caretaker) got sick and passed away six weeks later.  My mother and my aunt then had to care for my grandfather for the next year and a half.

Watching from one generation down, I could see how incredibly stressful the whole process was on my mom and aunt. There were countless phone calls … so much paperwork … SO MUCH to keep track of.  Plus the added stress that my grandfather’s memory could no longer be trusted.

When I saw the book “The Medical Day Planner,” I immediately thought of my mom and aunt, and how helpful this would have been for them.  As two caregivers, this would have provided one central place to record and keep track of everything.

But it’s not just for people who are giving care to their elders – it’s for anyone who is going through, as the author calls it, a “medical maze” and needs a tool to keep themselves organized.

Included in the book are sections for recording:

  • Patient information
  • Phone numbers
  • Medications
  • Appointments
  • Treatments
  • Procedure history
  • Test and scan history
  • Hospitalizations
  • General notes

Plus a 52-week day planner and information on things like Medicare and VA benefits.

I am grateful to say that I received this as a review copy, not because I was in imminent need of it.  However, you can bet that I’ll be keeping it on my shelves as a resource!

Nicely done, Tory Zellick.  You’ve provided a great service to anyone who goes through a medical crisis.


FTC Disclosure: I received this book for free from the author for this review. The opinion in this review is unbiased and reflects my honest judgment of the product.

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