Sep 06

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Computer craziness

Last weekend I spent several hours switching systems for viewing email.  I had myself set up with a system that left me confused about what I’d read, what I’d responded to, and what still needed to be dealt with.  I was missing and losing important emails far too often.

I did some research and came up with a new option – RoundCube (great name, yes?)  I switched to the new system and within a few hours had fixed a bunch of problems at once.  Could I have fixed them individually on the old system one at a time?  Probably.  But when I set myself the task of revamping the whole system, it gave me a chance to look at it from the ground up and take care of everything much more quickly than had I done it piece-meal.

When I got to work on Tuesday morning, I was excited to try out my new system for the first time from the office.  Technically it was going great, but I found myself getting really agitated using it.  I figured it was because it was a crazy busy day, so I thought nothing of it.

But when Wednesday came around and I was still feeling REALLY agitated – but only when I accessed my email screens – I realized something wasn’t right.  But I had no idea what.

I decided that one thing I could probably change was the color of the highlighting – perhaps if it weren’t all in red I wouldn’t be so crazy, right?

So I went looking in the settings for an easy way to switch that color.  I couldn’t find a “highlight color” setting, but guess what I found instead??  A whole different template!  I switched it, not daring to hope for much and got this:

It’s like a cool breeze on a warm summer day!  One click of the mouse and all that anxiety completely drained away.

I was amazed.  I know that I’m sensitive to some odd things, but this one surprised even me.  Now all is well in my email world!  I have a system that works exceptionally well and it is lovely to my eyes.  🙂

In related computer news, some of my friends know that I was looking for a laptop to borrow next week for a project.  The laptop I have is from 2004 and has been slowing down to the point that it’s been hard to use.  With no luck on borrowing or renting a laptop, I was thinking aloud to my co-worker Andrew yesterday.

Let me preface this by saying that Andrew (who I mentioned once before in “The sign of a good place to be”) is amazing with technology.  He gave me a couple of suggestions and then told me to bring it in today so he could look at it.

24 hours later, it’s like I have a brand new laptop!  Andrew to the rescue!

The craziest thing is that he doesn’t recognize that he’s done something extraordinary for me – in fact, he barely even wants to accept my thanks.  So I’ll just tell you all how grateful I am…’cuz I gotta tell SOMEBODY!  🙂

I’m so grateful.  Thanks Andrew!  And thanks to the gods and fairies and wizards of the email realm who helped me get set up with a new system with a minimum of fuss.

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