Sep 27

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Healing hands and more

Tonight I’m super tired, so here’s a list of the random thoughts that are floating around in my head…

  • This morning I went to my chiropractor – have I mentioned how much I adore my chiropractor?  He’s terrific.  I hadn’t seen him in a while, and as he was digging his thumb unmercifully into the muscles around my shoulder blade I realized – other than a hand shake or a friendly hug, this is the most anyone has touched me since the breakup last year.  And I realized how crucial human touch is…how much I’ve been craving it.  I’m still too focused on paying off debt to commit to regular massages, but I do think that I should consider getting one every few months.  We all need to be touched and loved, no matter what our marital and relationship status is.
  • I’m not sure where the line is between working hard and working too much.  I’ve made a very conscious choice that is aimed at fulfilling my heart’s desire, and that choice requires me to work hard.  Most days I spend 8 hours at my “day job” and then another 4 to 6 hours working at home.  Although I whine about being tired, I have nothing to complain about – I have a job I enjoy; I have heart work that pushes me forward; I’m young and vital enough to keep this schedule for a while; and I know there is a greater cause.  So if you meet me out on the street and hear me whining about how tired I am, please take it with a grain of salt, knowing that I’m actually doing exactly the right thing for this moment.
  • I have the best mother in the whole entire world.
  • The eight-week-old black Lab puppy I spent time with this morning is possibly the cutest thing I’ve seen all year.

Today’s miracle: My life circumstances and the choices available to me are amazing and I am remarkably blessed.

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