Oct 01

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We all speak bagpipe

Okay, okay – maybe we don’t ALL speak bagpipe, but it’s a great line from my VERY FIRST MIRACLE JOURNAL VIDEO PROJECT entry!!!!!!!!!!  🙂

Can I just get a whoop whoop?  (Yes, I’m excited enough that I actually just did a whoop whoop.  Which I’m pretty sure I’ve never EVER done in writing before.)

As you’ll discover, I have lots to learn – first and foremost, wind and camera microphones do not mix.  Hence the subtitles.

But as a first effort I’m very, very pleased.  Not least of all because the interviewee, Robbie MacInnis, was fantastic.  Just wait until you hear what he has to say about bagpiping – I mean, seriously.  I had no idea that playing bagpipes was THAT cool!

(On a totally unrelated, and completely unladylike, note – the only joke that I can ever remember in its entirety is a dirty joke about bagpipes.  I could be convinced to share it with you, but not within the hallowed lines of this Miracle Journal… 🙂 )

And now, with no further ado…

Meet Robbie MacInnis – the coolest bagpiper I’ve ever crossed paths with.

(Psst – to make the captions larger, click to full screen.  If you’re having trouble seeing the video, click here to watch it at YouTube.)

Finally, many many thanks to Dan Mitchell of Momentary Times for his help in getting this project off the ground.  We spent a really enjoyable afternoon talking to people at The Highland Games, a Scottish festival, in northern New Hampshire two weekends ago.  Thanks Dan!

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