Oct 08

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Miracle through music

I love this guest post by musician Natalia Paruz, who calls herself the “Saw Lady”:

I am a busker who plays the musical saw in the New York City subway.

One day I played at Times Square. A small crowd of people gathered around me. On my right side a blind man stood to listen. On my left side was a lady who had nothing to do with the blind man, also listening. The blind man really enjoyed my music – his face lit up and he was swaying with pleasure. The lady on my left noticed his joy. She came over to me, purchased one of my CDs, went over to the blind man, put the CD in his hand and said: “This is the music you are hearing now. This is for you.”

I was amazed and surprised at the fact that my music was the cause for such a great act of kindness between total strangers – the lady spent her own money to buy a gift for a total stranger, just because she noticed his joy! The fact that music can unite people is a small miracle I have the honor of observing every day. It’s wild. It’s beautiful. It’s addictive 🙂

Today’s miracle: Music is a language that can unite everyone, regardless of what usually keeps us apart.

You can find Natalia at http://www.SawLady.com and hear her in action at http://youtu.be/DvaH9eaj4n4. She performed with the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by Zubin Mehta, the Westchester Philharmonic Orchestra, Royal Air Moroccan Symphony Orchestra, Riverside Orchestra, Amor Artis Orchestra, Manhattan Chamber Orchestra & at Lincoln Center with PDQ Bach and with the Little Orchestra Society. 2007 marked her Carnegie Hall debut and 2008 marked her Madison Square Garden debut.

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Leah Carey

Leah Carey is the Chief Miracle Officer of The Miracle Journal, where she writes about the large and small miracles that happen in her life every day. She is a life coach, speaker, journalist, freelance writer, and lover of life. In all of those pursuits, she works with people to identify what’s already right in your life so you can build an even more joyful and fulfilling daily experience from that foundation. You can find her on Facebook, , Twitter, and YouTube.

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  1. Adele

    This weekend was Honkfest in Davis Square, Somerville, MA. During the parade between squares, a group of young men were playing their hearts out on trumpets, trombones, and tubas. They were amazing. In another situation, without the music, I may have been afraid of this young group of men walking toward me. But instead, with their music, they moved my soul.

    1. Leah Carey

      Oh, Adele, how I can relate with your thoughts about crossing the street in a different situation. Thank you so much for sharing. And, by the way, I LOVE your website! 🙂

  2. Denise Wolf

    Thanks again for sharing such “awwww” moments. In the midst of the other news we are bombarded with, it would be easy to become jaded. Yet these magic moments are happening all of the time. Thanks for reminding us. And the best thing…we can create magical moments all on our own. What a fabulous thing….we could create a tipping point to the miraculous!

    1. Leah Carey

      Absolutely agreed, Denise! Thanks. 🙂

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