Oct 16

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Two miracles for the price of one

Here’s a great story from Allen Klein, an author and speaker who found exactly the right people at exactly the right moment.

It amuses me terrifically that I’m starting to get guest miracle posts from so many humorists!  🙂

A couple of years ago, after I got the rights back to several of my out-of-print books, I tried in vain to find a new publisher for them. For a year and a half I struggled every day seeking a new publisher. Frustrated in not finding one, I gave up actively looking and put a sign above my desk that read, “The Perfect Publisher Will Find Me.”

Then one day, I went to a meeting of book publicists. I hadn’t been to their meeting for years but I wanted to hear the guest speaker that day. At the event, the man next to me was chatting with two women behind him. I overheard them saying that they were starting a new division of their publishing company and looking for books that uplift, inspire, and bring joy to readers.

When I heard that, I immediately introduced myself and told them how well my out-of-print books would fit within their new division.

They gave me their card and asked that I send them my books. When I saw their address, I knew that I found the perfect publisher. Their offices were only five blocks from where I live. So I hand-delivered my books the next day and the rest is history. They have published two of the books and will be publishing three more.

As Paul Harvey used to say, “And now for the rest of the story”…. At the publisher’s party for their new offices, a woman approached me and said, “I know you.” I looked at her closely but I didn’t recall ever seeing her before. She continued, “I own this company. I used to live in San Francisco and now live in London. For sixteen-years I lived across the street from you and would watch you walk your dog everyday.” Indeed, miracles do happen; the absolutely perfect publisher did find me!

Today’s miracle: When we surrender and let go of the “how” the Universe ALWAYS knows how to take care of us!

Allen Klein is a professional speaker, Lifetime Achievement Award recipient from the Association for Applied and Therapeutic Humor, and a Certified Speaking Professional from the National Speaker’s Association. He is the author of The Healing Power of Humor, Learning to Laugh When You Feel Like Crying, The Art of Living Joyfully and the audiobook TeacherLaughs. You can find him online at www.allenklein.com.

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  1. Denise Wolf

    Gotta love the way the Universe/God/ works when we surrender.
    Perfection is waiting for us.

    1. Leah Carey

      100% agreed! 🙂

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