Oct 22

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Insecure Startup

A couple years ago I got a new computer and loaded all of the software from my previous computer onto it.  Almost everything transferred over perfectly…except one thing.

For the last two years, every time I restart my computer, I get this error message on startup:

I don’t restart my computer that often – I just put it to sleep each night and wake it up each morning.  I only restart when it starts acting funky – going slow, being cranky, getting stuck on things that should be easy.

I often go a week or two between restarts.  Which means that I forget for long periods of time that this message is lurking, waiting for me.

For a while it really bugged me every time it popped up.  Then one day I had an epiphany – PAY ATTENTION TO THE MESSAGE

“Insecure Startup Item disabled. … it does not have the proper security settings.”

Well DAY-UMN!!! My computer is telling me that I no longer have the proper settings to allow insecurity to start up in my system.  If that’s not good news, I don’t know what is!!!!

In reality, my insecure item does start up periodically.  But the good news is that my computer is teaching me that all I have to do is restart my system to be reminded that it’s not real.  It’s just habitual behavior.  So when those things start up in my life – going slow, being cranky, getting stuck on things that should be easy – I can reset my system and remember that my insecure startup item has once again been disabled.

How cool is that?!?  🙂

Now the desire to go looking for a way to turn that little message off is gone.  I like my little reminder.  🙂

Today’s miracle: My insecure startup item has been disabled.

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