Oct 23

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It’s pouring rainbows

I can’t express how much I adore this miracle from Steph Calvert:

We had been working on moving my mom-in-law Carole out of her house in Las Cruces, New Mexico all day. It was emotional and hard work as we realized just how much we needed to do in such a short time. There were boxes upon boxes of heavy boxes everywhere, a moving truck that wasn’t big enough to contain all of her stuff, and an upset mom-in-law because everyone kept talking about giving all of her things to Goodwill.

Hour after hour, we kept at it. The task progressed without ever feeling like it was going to get any easier. If anything, the longer we moved things into the truck, the more hopeless our situation seemed.

As we climbed into our cars at dusk, tired, beat up, and emotionally spent, I glanced out the car window. In the distance, I saw this rainbow. It was the most spectacular rainbow I’ve ever seen in my life; it didn’t just arc across the sky. It seemed to pour color onto the Organ Mountains.

I like getting those important reminders that everything will be okay.

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Today’s miracle: Just when everything seems hopeless, the sky starts pouring rainbows!

Steph Calvert is the owner, graphic designer and blogger behind Hearts and Laserbeams. Her design work has been seen worldwide, and her fun lifestyle blog has been around since 2002. She lives with her hilarious partners in crime, husband Josh and son Phil, along with a slew of farmy animals. You can find her online at http://www.heartsandlaserbeams.com

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