Oct 28

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Back to basics

Today I realized that I’ve been having a “can’t see the forest for the trees” experience.

For the last several months, I have been laser focused on creating a lot of ancillary things for The Miracle Journal – developing workshops and classes, writing a book, creating videos, creating images, and more.  I have continued looking for miracles and writing on the Journal, but I’ve been less focused on the experience of the miracles and more focused on building a business model around the miracles.

This morning I got brought back to basics.  Ironically, it took me hearing my own voice to get the message that I needed.

I’ve been compiling a list of radio shows and other media outlets to pitch over the coming months for appearances. I have a bunch of audio available from previous radio shows, but what producer wants to listen to an hour – or even a half hour – of a previous appearance to suss out if I’m a good fit for their show? They don’t have that kind of time!  So I decided to put together a demo “reel” of previous radio highlights.

This morning I listened to several of those shows to choose clips.  And you know what I realized?

I’D FORGOTTEN HOW INTERESTING THIS SUBJECT IS!!! I’d also forgotten that I’m pretty darn good at talking about it.

How do I know that I’m good at talking about it? Because I re-learned some things about my own philosophies that I’d forgotten!

This afternoon I had lunch with a friend and as I told him this story he chuckled and responded, “I just had the same experience!”

Turns out that he’d been questioning some of his own skills and motives from when he was a younger man.  Recently he found a videotape from that time and in watching it he realized, “I was a really good guy!”

I’ve been feeling a little lost lately and it seems like the Universe just put up a big signpost that said, “LEAH!  THIS WAY!!!”

I won’t stop doing all the other things, because I enjoy them, but I may slow down on them in order to focus on what’s really important: the miracles.

One other miracle from today – thanks to a new friend, I discovered the game Chain Factor.  Which I’ve played a few…or thirty-six…games of today.  Okay, maybe not a miracle, actually…maybe a terrible new addiction.  I can’t in good conscience tell you to try it out, but if you wander over to the dark side with me, please let me know that I’m not alone.  🙂

Want to listen to the highlight reel I made?  Click here:


(If you can’t see the player above, click here to listen.)

Today’s miracle: Remembering that I am my own best teacher.

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