Nov 08

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The babysitter

I’m always struck by the idea that we can be having a profound impact on someone and not even know it. I wonder if that’s the case in tonight’s guest entry?

This miracle was submitted through the website by Devin Hughes:

Growing up as a bi-racial child in the 1970s, I was confused as to who I was and never really fit in. My parents suffered from addiction issues and our home was both dysfunctional and unstable the majority of the time.

My father randomly met a woman named Lela at his job at his job (supermarket) and she became my babysitter – but much more for me. She provided a hot meal, a hug and stability at a point in my life when I needed it most. She left her mark on me and I will never forget her.

You can find Devin online at www.devinchughes.com.

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Today’s miracle: Sometimes just showing up is more than enough…especially for a kid.

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