Nov 11

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Miracle videos and pictures

I’ve gotten a bit behind in posting the videos from interviews I’ve done for the Miracle Journal Video Project…but finally here are two more!

Both of these came from the Canadian Society of Dowsers Conference that I spoke at last month in Ottawa.

Here is Kim Hargreaves with a fantastic piece about working with people who are soul-searching as they deal with cancer:

And here is Monica Dutkiewicz talking about how much better her life is when she takes time out each day for herself:

Did you know that you can see all the videos in the Miracle Journal Video Project on this page?

I’ve also started a new little game with myself.  For years, I’ve picked random pocket tokens to carry with me each day.  Now (when I have time!) I’m putting them together in a message and taking a photo to share with you.  But you can only find them on Facebook, so “like” me there!  Here’s one I made this weekend:

You may also have noticed on both the videos and the image that I’m starting to use a new logo.  It was developed for me over the last month by a young woman at a local college in a “real life work experience” program.  Her name is Morgan Diltz and I suggest that you remember her name because she’s amazing.  🙂  I still have to redo the website and some other things to incorporate the new logo, but it may be another few weeks before I’ve got time to concentrate on that.

Wishing you a wonderful beginning to a miraculous week!  🙂

Today’s miracle: It’s so exciting when other people tell me THEIR miracles!!!!

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