Nov 19

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How Leah got her groove back

I fell in love this weekend.  Madly, completely, head-over-heels, crazy in love.

I can hear you through my computer screen – WHO DID SHE MEET?

I met myself again.  I met my work again.  I met my purpose again.  And in the process I met a group of phenomenal people and fell in love with each of them as well.

Let’s face it – this has been a hard year for me.  We’re fast approaching the time last year when a really important relationship ended.  Although I spent the time to consciously mourn it, it wasn’t easy or pretty.  I threw myself into my work so fiercely that I lost track of my own self-care.  The last couple of months have been about more healing with my dad.

This journal is a big part of what kept me sane this year – knowing that I had a place to show up fully and be accepted.  I am forever grateful to all of you for your support and love as I’ve worked through some hard stuff this year.

And mere hours after telling you that I could breathe again, the next great miracle occurred…

This weekend I attended the Speak/Write/Promote conference in New York put on by Hay House publishing for up-and-coming authors, speakers and teachers. It was an inspiring weekend filled with information that you can’t easily find anywhere else.

Over the course of the weekend, I fell back in love with The Miracle Journal and had lots of ideas for how to take the next steps (more on that to come…)

And I fell in love with a group of women who absolutely blew me away.  It feels like divine providence that we were all sitting in a little grouping when our first lunch break came around and we turned to each other and said, “You want to go to lunch?”

I fell in love with Jen when we first sat down and bonded over feeling a bit overwhelmed by all the big personalities in the room. I love her because she’s an extraordinary woman – and also because she has no idea how extraordinary she is.  It will be exciting to watch her grow into the new power that is seeking her out, and my guess is that she’ll make that transition while still holding onto the gentle humility that I find so endearing.

I fell in love with Sarah because she embodies the quiet elegance and firm competence that I’ve always strived for.  I fell in love with Beth because she has a bubbly personality and contagious enthusiasm that draws me in without overwhelming me.  I fell in love with Elizabeth because she’s crazy-smart and driven in a way that I recognize in myself.

I feel so blessed to have been placed into this group of women – and that we’ve already agreed to keep supporting each other.  I met a lot of other amazing people this weekend, too, and thankfully I didn’t take pictures of any of them, or this post could be thousands of words long. 🙂

Finally, I began to fall back in love with myself this weekend.  I saw again the passion and goodness that live within me, and I’m so excited to be back in touch with that part of myself!

Today’s miracle: Finding myself and falling in love again.

The fearsome fivesome – Elizabeth, Beth, Jen, me, and Sarah

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Leah Carey

Leah Carey is the Chief Miracle Officer of The Miracle Journal, where she writes about the large and small miracles that happen in her life every day. She is a life coach, speaker, journalist, freelance writer, and lover of life. In all of those pursuits, she works with people to identify what’s already right in your life so you can build an even more joyful and fulfilling daily experience from that foundation. You can find her on Facebook, , Twitter, and YouTube.

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  1. Lisa Tener

    I’m so glad you were the lucky winner of our drawing for the ticket, Leah. Hope we’ll continue to see you on the blog where I’m happy to answer any of your writing and publishing questions. http://www.lisatener.com/blog
    Lisa Tener recently posted at their blog…Book Confusion: Maybe You’ve Got More Than One Book In You

    1. Leah Carey

      Thanks Lisa! I’m so grateful to you and Wioleta!

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