Nov 21

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Boundless energy

Oh how I understand this guest miracle!  Having a partner in crime for exercising definitely is a miracle! 🙂

Exercise has always helped me keep a positive attitude and fend off depression, so you’d think I would love to do it. Wrong. I could always find good excuses not to exercise or take care of my health. I was too busy. It was too cold outside. I just didn’t feel like it. If I was depressed, then nothing and no one could drag me off the couch.

Well, that has changed because of Anchor. Anchor showed up in the neighborhood on a rainy spring day, no collar, happily wagging his tail as he chased my family’s car back to our house. He proceeded to stay at our house all day as though he knew something we didn’t. We tried to find his owner, took him to the Humane Society, and ended up adopting him even though we already had a big happy labrador and killer kitty. Anchor’s spirit and naughty temperament strangely endeared me to him, even though I’m not a passionate animal lover. Now every morning this black bundle of lab/springer energy bounds on my bed, teeth flashing a big smile, and performs acrobatics until I take him for a morning jog. He is an unexpected miracle that, despite dug up flowers and dumped over garbage cans, “anchors” my soul in the joy of living.

Today’s miracle: When we’re ready, the best teacher (or partner) shows up!

Christine Hierlmaier Nelson is a media consultant and mother of two in Minnesota. She is the author of “Green Yellow Go! Nat Knows Bananas,” a Pre-K picture book that teaches kids about patience. You can find her online at www.patientparents.com.

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