Nov 25

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The daffodils

This guest post was submitted by Elaine Stephen. I love the message of it – and especially the fact that regardless of the differences between the spiritual or religious beliefs each of us holds, there is always a place for us to meet when we’re looking at our blessings.  Thank you Elaine!

In spring of 2010, my 7-year-old son was still a little afraid of learning to ride his two-wheeler bicycle. Part of the problem was the rocky unpaved roads in our little Pocono Mountain community.

That year Easter was a gorgeous day. My husband and I decided to take my son to the school parking lot to practice riding his bike on the smooth paved parking lot. We were delighted when he rode his bike for longer than usual with more joy and confidence than previously. Of course, we both wished he could do the same at home.

As we were about to pull into our driveway, my son said, “Look! Yellow flowers.” My husband stopped our truck. We were all surprised to see daffodils. The previous year in that rented house, none had bloomed there. I said, “Bloomed for the first time ever on Easter day!” Then my son said, “Ahhh… that’s sweet.”

As my husband parked our truck in the driveway, my son asked him to get his bike out for him. We were surprised. Previously he just ran into the house and started playing with something else, leaving the fear of bike riding behind. All of a sudden my son jumped on his bike and peddled off. Not a worry on his mind, a huge smile across his face.

It seemed the sight of those daffodils filled his little heart with so much joy, he forgot his fear of bike riding. As I watched my son ride off, while a tear of joy spilled down my cheek, I thought, ‘Yes… The daffodils are sweet. They rose miraculously on Easter day, just as our Savior did.’  Then I thanked God for those daffodils. For they were our true Easter sweets.

Today’s miracle: Small moments of joy can change everything!

Elaine Stephen is a work-at-home mom who sells gifts from the Inspirational Gift Gallery at http://storesonline.com/site/inspirationalgift and http://www.InspirationalSympathyGifts.com. Elaine also writes true stories and original poems on her Inspirational Christian Stories, Poems, Gifts blog at http://inspirationalgifts.blogspot.com.

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