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A surprise Messiah

A friend on Facebook shared this story today and I immediately knew it would be perfect for The Miracle Journal!  Charlotte was kind enough to give me permission to share it with you here:

A few months ago I went to see the Lyon Opera house on a guided tour, it was very interesting. It is a building that I go past on a regular basis (a few times a week) and I’d always wanted to know what it was like inside. During major renovations in the late 80’s the interior was completely stripped out, (leaving the 1830 walls) and redone as a modern, acoustic bubble. At the time I thought it would be good to see a performance there – but didn’t do anything about it.

A couple of months later there was a poster campaign promoting ‘Opéra de Lyon pour tous’ (Lyon Opera for all) and again thought that I really must go and see a performance there. Again I didn’t do anything about it, my money priority being my business at the moment and also I wasn’t sure who out of my friends would be interested in going with me.

A couple of weeks ago one of my massage clients recommended me to her friend, who is a viola player in the Lyon Opera orchestra and he told me that this Christmas they are doing Handel’s Messiah. Again I thought it would be really interesting to see that performed at the Opera House, but didn’t know how that would happen, how I would pay for it and who to go with.

Yesterday morning he called to say if I wanted he could get me a free ticket for the dress rehearsal that night and that my other client would be going too as well as someone else I knew.

So last night I got to see a performance of Handel’s Messiah at the Opera House, for free and with some people that I knew!

It was a great performance too. Thank you!

Today’s miracle: Sometimes it’s enough just to know what we want – the Universe takes care of helping us get it!
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