Dec 06

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From surviving to thriving

Tonight we have an intriguing guest post.  But before we get there, please help me by taking a quick survey (10 multiple choice questions) about The Miracle Journal!

Now, moving on to an amazing story of mind over matter comes from Laura Mayer, a woman who has overcome great physical suffering to become a spiritual teacher.  She is tonight’s guest Miracle Watcher:

Never would I have ever expected to be living the life I am today. It was because these amazing experiences happened that I am a very different person today.

I was diagnosed at the age of fourteen with a progressive, degenerative neurological disease. The doctors told me the disease would progress and I would be in a wheelchair at twenty-five and dead at forty. Luckily the disease never progressed past my upper extremities.

After eighteen surgeries, fifteen reconstructive tendon transfers to help me to regain some semblance of functioning in my disabled hands, and forty years of suffering, I stepped out of the medical box and into the world of spirituality and non-traditional energy medicine. I opened up to the unknown and began to trust in something bigger than me. I listened to my inner voice and had the courage and tenacity to believe I had the right to a healthier, happier life.

After a short period of time I began to witness changes in my attitude and my body. I spend everyday in grace, joy and gratitude. I knew when my heart healed my body would heal.

The miracle was when one energetic healer introduced me to a healer who lived 2000 miles away from me in Colorado. In a three-hour phone session this particular healer told me that I would completely heal and that I was a master teacher and healer myself. The miracle was that I believed her. It was that day that I said, “either I heal or I am out of here.” I could no longer live the life I was living. Something had to change and the change had to be me. I learned with the help of many amazing experiences that I had the right to a life of ease and grace and how to have the courage to love myself enough and open widely to that potential.

I know I am alive to share my inspiring story, my experiences and my miracles to help empower others to heal as I have done-from the inside out.

Today’s miracle: Finding the will from within to make self-loving decisions.

Laura Mayer is author of the book Unlocking the Invisible Child: A Journey from Heartbreak to Bliss (a copy of which she has sent me for review, but I have to admit that I’m a bit behind on book reviews… I’ll get to it sometime soon!  Keep an eye out for that review – I’m looking forward to learning more about Laura’s journey!) You can find Laura at www.dancingheartdancinghands.com.

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