Dec 16

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After Sandy Hook

There is so much goodness in this country and in this world.  And yet, at a time like this, it’s so easy to focus on the bad, scary, and dark.

As I lit the Chanukah candles on Friday night, I was struck once again by how it takes just one candle to light all the candles in the world. (Click to tweet)

As I light the Chanukah candles, there is one standing above the rest. It is the "shamas" the guardian candle. We light that one candle with a match, and from it all the other candles are lit. Tonight our world appears dark. My prayer is that each of us who sees this message can be a shamas - a guardian who lights the way - for people who are experiencing terrible fear and pain. It takes only one candle to light the rest. Tonight, God, please use me as your candle.

Rather than writing a lot more words, I encourage you to read this amazing piece at The Huffington Post titled “I Am Adam Lanza’s Mother.” I feel so deeply for this woman and I agree with her completely – more guns or less guns will never be the answer; fixing our mental health system IS the answer.

I am praying for each and every one of us that we will start shining our lights rather than fearing the dark.

With love to you all,

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