Dec 27

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When you can’t breathe, sing

Have you ever heard stories about people who have some type of brain injury and can no longer speak, but they can sing?  Or people who stutter terribly until they start reciting poetry?

Rapper Lil JaXe; from his website: “Jake Zeldin has struggled with a significant stutter all his life, but when he raps the stutter disappears.”

I love those stories.  I know that the brain can work in many ways that are a complete mystery to us.  Here is a story that came in anonymously that I love – it demonstrates the power of passion and creativity.

Today, she not only survived, but sings and acts as part of a theatre group for the disabled. At night, she is strapped to a ventilator while she sleeps to help her weak muscles. We still do not know how she finds the strength to sing, while struggling just to breathe.

She is a frail individual with an incredibly strong spirit. She is indeed, our miracle.

Today’s miracle: When she doesn’t have the strength to breathe, she sings.  Absolutely beautiful.

And on another note – I had to go to the post office today. I could hear cars spinning out because it was snowing so hard, so I decided to walk.  Here is my first official photo with the new glasses on:

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