Jan 14

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Miracles around the interwebs

I finally made it back to work today!  Thankfully I had a lot to do, so the day flew by.  I’m somewhat amazed that I managed to sit up for eight hours straight after spending 90% of my time lying down for 10 days.  I’m so grateful to have had the ability to take that time away, to have had the incredible support at my job, and the fact that I finally made it back.  Of course, I had to endure a fair amount of teasing from my co-workers about how I was now going to infect them all with some plague and I should be quarantined in a back room with no heat.  🙂

I’m on my way back to bed, so tonight I’ll keep this brief.

Today I got an email saying I’d been quoted at www.allparenting.com (from the publishers of SheKnows.com) in an article about making a to-do list for 2013.  The article is full of great tips about having a successful year, so check it out by clicking: “Make A 2013 To-Do List

Over the weekend I discovered that I’d also been quoted way back in March on eHow.com in an article on turning a passion into a business.  I don’t know how that slipped by me for nine whole months, but what fun to come across it now!  🙂  That article is also filled with some solid advice, so click here to make sure you’re on the right path: “How To Turn your Idea Into A Business

In the past few weeks I’ve also been booked on a bunch of upcoming radio shows, so stay tuned for more details!  I’m especially excited that the first one isn’t for a couple more weeks, so I’ll hopefully sound fully like me (and not like me coughing up a lung) by the time they get here.  🙂

Finally, thanks to all of you for your notes of support and love through the last couple of weeks.  It has been so lovely to know that so many of you have been thinking of me as I took a spin around the flu.  Sending you all my love!

Today’s miracle: Getting healthy again and finding myself quoted online!

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