Feb 18

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A little Extra

Today I had one of those lovely little moments that makes me smile for a couple hours afterward.  I was third in line to check out at RiteAid.  A woman joined the line behind me, and then a moment later stepped up to the racks of candy under the counter.  She pulled out a pack of Extra gum and stepped back into line.  I happened to notice while she was grabbing her gum that there was a tag under it announcing it was on sale.  So I turned around and said to her, “That tag says you can buy one, get one free.”  She looked at me in surprise and then looked at the tag.  Her face absolutely lit up!  She said, “Thank you so much!  I can never find this flavor at the grocery store!”

She was completely delighted and her smile brought so much joy to me.

Today’s miracle:

Sometimes the greatest miracle is seeing someone else’s smile.
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