Mar 10

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The janitor and the master

There will be extra helpings of guest posts this week while I finish up work on my book proposal.  I hope you’ll enjoy them as much as I have!

I love this marvelous miracle submitted by Faith McKinney that is a testament to the power of intention:

I love it when miracles occur in my life and I am fully present to appreciate them.

I live in Indianapolis, Indiana where I work as a janitor at the Post Office. I am a wife and mother of two children, one with profound mental and physical disabilities. My dream is to be a speaker and travel the world with my family while meeting fascinating people and world leaders.

Three years ago I was in my usual Wednesday coaching session with my speaking coach David Bridgeforth, a young public speaking phenom and the protege of renowned motivational speaker Les Brown.

David had just returned from a trip to L.A. with Les Brown where they visited world famous Agape International Worship Center which is led by Rev. Dr. Michael Bernard Beckwith. Dr. Beckwith has been featured in the movie “The Secret,” is the author of numerous books, and writes beautiful worship songs along with his wife Ricky.

David returned from his trip with a new energy and vigor! His excitement about his visit to the worship center was infectious.

David dropped the names of the many Hollywood A-listers in attendance, who felt free to worship with reckless abandon knowing that cameras and paparazzi were forbidden in the church. He described the surreal feelings he experienced as he sat among the thousands of people in attendance in one of two services that Sunday.

David was so excited about the possibility of  one day speaking on that very stage along with Les Brown and Dr. Beckwith.

As David spoke, I felt swept away in his excitement! He described how he would soon go back to L.A. to speak at the Agape Worship Center. He spoke of how he would fly to L.A. and get a hotel room for a few days. Then he would speak to both services on Sunday then fly back on Monday.

I was extremely happy for David. I told him that when he goes to L.A. to speak, I want to go with him. I said I want to be there with him and meet Dr. Beckwith. I didn’t want to be just anyone in the crowd of thousands. I wanted Dr. Beckwith to see me! I wanted to be special.

Although I said all these things, in the back of my mind I though ” I don’t know how I can afford to travel to L.A.. I don’t know who would watch my special needs child. I don’t know how I can get time off my janitorial job at the Post Office.

I was very, very happy for David and I felt his excitement in me. I knew that if David succeeds, then I will succeed as well.

I am a seeker and I want to know a little about every spiritual school of thought. I took a Kabbalah class the year before, and I still stay in touch with the group. One month earlier, I signed up to volunteer along with my Kabbalah class to work the phones at our local public television station’s live on-air pledge drive.

The next day, while working at the Post Office emptying trash cans and listening to music, I received a call from Heather, the organizer of my Kabbalah class’ volunteer activity. I was really looking forward to volunteering because I always enjoy spending time with my classmates.

Heather called to remind me about the pledge drive the next Monday and to inform me of the time we are to arrive at the television station and which door to enter. She also said “I know who will be coming to host the pledge drive.” She said “It’s Michael Bernard Beckwith!”

Today’s miracle: When we know WHAT we want, sometimes the Universe has a way of providing them in unexpected ways!

Faith McKinney lives in Indianapolis, In with her family. Known as “The Great Connector”, Faith is on air personality for an online video magazine where she conducts many celebrity interviews. She is also lead ambassador for a very successful networking organization. Faith is a Kidney Donor and she continues working as a janitor. Contact her at: www.faithmckinney.com

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