Mar 13

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What do you want?

I was going to share one video with you tonight…and then I saw a second one and knew that I needed to share it as well…and then I saw a third one that made me laugh so hard I almost peed my pants, and knew I had to share that as well!

Then I wondered – is there any connecting thread that might tie them all together?  And I realized that yes – they’re all about what people want.

So first, let’s meet a young man who is passionate about music and really wants to do a duet with Billy Joel.  The set up is that Billy Joel is at a university playing some music and doing a Q&A in a more intimate setting than a stadium:


(If you can’t see the video, click here to watch on YouTube)

Do ya think that might be a miracle in this kid’s life?  Um…..yes!!!!  Fantastic.  One of the comments at YouTube sums it up perfectly: “It’s surprising what you can get if you just ask.”


Next up is a video that I’m very proud of – I’ve been working on it for several weeks.  As I’ve mentioned several times, I’m working on a book proposal for Hay House Publishing. Along with the proposal, we are charged with creating a video that displays a bit of our story and who we are.

Tonight, I introduce to you… ME!

What do I want?  To help you find miracles in every moment!!!

(And I look like I might eat you in the preview, but I promise I won’t.  :-))

(To watch the video at YouTube, click here.)

And since we just learned that amazing things can happen when you ASK, here’s my ask:

If you got something out of this video, or were moved in any way, would you hop on over to YouTube and leave a comment telling me what struck you most?  I would greatly appreciate it!

And of course, please feel free to share it with your friends!  🙂


And finally, let’s close this out with a short little bit of laughter.  ‘Cuz I promised you something that might make you pee your pants.  🙂

I think you’ll figure out what this guy wants pretty quick!

To watch the video at YouTube, click here.)

That Emma has spunk!!!

Today’s miracle: Getting what we want when we ask.  🙂

Wishing you all a wonderful night.

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