Mar 14

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The divine cuddle

This beautiful miracle – and important reminder – comes from reader Lisa:

Any parent who has ever had a toddler creep into their bed in the wee hours of the night know . . . there is little to no rest from that point on.

This was the case for my husband and I last night. I was far too sleepy to walk him back to his own, so I hoisted him up.

woman-sleepingMy entire morning was askew after being disturbed overnight; so much so that I was oblivious to the clock, my routine, even the day of the week. I would normally leave my home at 8 a.m. on Saturday morning to lead a Tai Chi class that I highly enjoy; instead I was still cuddled up on the couch with my son. When my husband asked me what I was doing… he had to ask more than once for it to even sink in… I was LATE! Not just a little bit late, but beyond all reasonable possibilities of making up the time LATE.

Wanting desperately to appear unruffled, calm, ready to lead, prepared, and presentable… I did the best I could in mere minutes.

When I got into my car, I rolled my eyes at the gas light mocking me from the dashboard.  The night before when the light came on and I’d told myself, ‘You can leave early, have some quiet time for yourself in the morning, and fill your tank at a station that will save me some money, rather than stopping on the way home.’ Casting a glance up to heaven, I questioned out loud why God was doing all could be done to dissuade me from making it to my class.

Less than 4 miles from home I encountered the scene of a dreadful accident. Car off the road into the woods, facing the opposite direction – fire truck and police cruiser had only just arrived, still blocking one of the highway lanes. An ambulance had freed the driver and was securing the victim onto the stretcher. No one had even the time to begin directing traffic of any sort. It took my breath away – especially since it was a single car wreck, in such an unsuspecting location.

As I passed, I slowed. I said a silent prayer for the driver. I thanked God I was not injured myself. Suddenly I realized . . . my lateness could very well have been the blessing, the miracle that saved me from being at the scene of the accident, at the very moment of it’s impact. When I wondered to God why he was putting so many obstacles in my way that morning, what I didn’t understand was I should have been thanking God and the powers of the Universe for filling my time with life-saving delays.

I continue to pray for the driver and their family. I also say prayers of thanks for guarding over my safety and well being.

There are miracles everywhere we look. There were miracles in sharing my bed and pillows with my son last night – I didn’t resent him, instead I gazed at his peaceful profile in wonder at my husband’s resemblance. I didn’t begrudge anyone or curse myself for the negligence of time in the morning before I left. I didn’t tailgate or pressure any other driver on the road on my way. Perhaps the miracle was a thank-you gift to me for allowing each of the other miracles to enter my consciousness; perhaps it was an emphasis and reminder I needed that miracles exist, or perhaps it just wasn’t my time to be seriously injured, or to die. It doesn’t matter really what the it was, what matters most is my awareness and gratitude for all the elements in a busy mom’s life that kept me safe today.

Today’s miracle – Sometimes something that looks wrong turns out to be the gift that saves you.

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