Apr 17

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Claiming equality

Something spectacularly wonderful happened today.  🙂  Isn’t that a fun way to start a blog posting?

There is a woman who I consider a dear friend, but we don’t get to talk very often.  She lives in Arizona and she’s as busy (is it possible that she might even be BUSIER?!?) as I am.  So a few months ago we instituted monthly phone calls.  Before we get off the phone each time, we put something on the calendar for the following month.  So far it’s working well and it’s keeping us in touch.

But I need to back up for a moment and say this – we met during a time when I was searching for answers and she was one of the people who seemed to be offering them.

The relationship that developed between us, while close, was very much a mentor/student relationship.  And that’s how it has been for 8 or 9 years. She has always been super supportive of my work, but I still felt like I was trying to catch up to where she is – totally grounded and centered in herself, her spirituality, and her work in the world.  And it’s DAMN good work.

Today we had a chance to chat and I was telling her all the things that have been going on.  I shared with her a piece of writing that I’ve been working on for the last couple of weeks – my manifesto.  It is my declaration of myself and my work in the world.  (It’s part of what I was referring to last week when I said there’s a lot of stuff going on behind the scenes right now.)

I finished reading and this woman who I respect so deeply said, “WOW.  I want a copy of that so I can put it on my website.  I want you to do a video so I can put it in my materials.  That was amazing and you’re going to help so many people!

I was bowled over.  The truth is that every time I share my manifesto with someone, I begin to feel more and more strongly about it.  And to get that reaction from her made my day. I told her that and said, “To have someone who I look up to as a mentor respond the way you did means the world to me.”

Which is when the miracle occurred.  She stopped me and she said, “No more. From today, you no longer get to use that language. We are no longer mentor and student.  We are equals.  You don’t even realize that your train has arrived, but it’s time for you to step on board and take on the role of teacher. You’ve done an amazing piece of work and now that it’s there, you no longer use that language with me.”

HOLY COW!!!!!!!!  I’m not even sure it’s possible to put into words how much all of this means to me.

And she’s right.  I have held onto the mantle of “student” for long enough.  It is time to step into my rightful place as teacher.  Which doesn’t mean that I will stop learning – I am a lifelong learner. But I no longer have to put myself below the teachers.  I am one of them.

I suppose it’s another one of those “God spoke to me” moments that I wrote about last night.  I needed to hear the words, and I needed to hear them from her so that I would get them.  And I am grateful.

(And yes, I will DEFINITELY be sharing my manifesto with all of you.  Soon!!!!)

Today’s miracle: The day has come when the student becomes a teacher.

student teacher

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  1. Jeanette Sandor

    Leah, it has been amazing reading about your mracles. Stand in your power, teacher!
    Jeanette Sandor recently posted at their blog…I AM WELL-BEING

    1. Leah Carey

      Thank you so much Jeanette! I’m honored. 🙂

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