Apr 21

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The book proposal

If you had told me four days ago that I was going to write this miracle, I would have told you that you were flippin’ crazy! And yet…it’s funny how life works.

As you know, I submitted a book proposal to Hay House Publishing in March. It’s a highly competitive opportunity given to people who have attended their “Speak/Write/Promote” program. According the paperwork they gave us, we had to submit our proposals by March 18 and they would announce the winner of the book contract on April 18.

So last month I hit the “send” button and tried my best to not think myself into a frenzy over it for the next four weeks.

In the meantime, I took the amazing class with KC Baker that I’ve been raving about so much recently. Because that class was so intense, it really did take my mind off waiting for the answer from Hay House.

Which brings us to Thursday. April 18. ANNOUNCEMENT DAY.

At about 8 that morning, I started checking the announcement page. For the first half of the day, I was pretty good – I checked it about once an hour. But as the day wore on, I got obsessive and started checking it about once every 20 minutes. And then every 10 minutes. I was practically jumping out of my skin all day. In fact, I told my editors at the newspaper that they should just give me busywork that day because I wouldn’t be able to concentrate on anything important.

By 9 p.m., there still wasn’t anything posted. I was trying so hard to keep my cool. And I was losing. I had talked myself into the firm belief that I had not won and that I should probably just go outside and eat some worms.

And then one of my comrades in this book proposal adventure posted a message on Facebook saying, “Anybody else miss something today…???”

Which opened the floodgates – all of us who had been waiting with bated breath jumped into the conversation about how nerve-wracking it was to keep hitting “refresh” all day, waiting for the announcement.

Finally I took myself to bed. I had so emotionally exhausted myself that I actually slept!

Friday still didn’t bring an answer.

Near the end of the day, the same colleague who had posted the first message the night before let us in on some startling news.

“I talked with a rep at Hay House just now,” Jay said. “He said the announcement will be May 13, 2013! He said there was a mistake on the website and the dates will be changed there ASAP. He also said the deadline wasn’t until April 11th!”

Okay, so let me get this straight – not only do we now have to wait another three weeks for an answer, but we didn’t even have to turn in our book proposals until last week??!!!?????????

That was a kick in the pants. I totally could have used that extra time for the proposal.

But here’s the miracle…

The class I took with KC was utterly transformational for me and the work I do. I experienced my work at an even deeper level than I’ve ever gone before. I allowed myself to get really honest and vulnerable with myself about what I want.

I wrote my “I believe” statements.

I wrote my Miracle Manifesto.

I made some KICK-ASS friends and new colleagues.

And so much more.

And that all happened because I was able to utterly and completely devote myself to that course for six weeks.

If I’d been working on my book proposal for Hay House for those extra weeks, there’s no way I could have submerged myself so completely in KC’s course. In fact, I probably wouldn’t even have registered for it.

So all in all, the Universe did me a HUGE favor by giving us the wrong date. I got my proposal done AND got to participate in the Women’s Thought Leadership Society. I couldn’t ask for anything better!!!!

I’m willing – and even grateful – to wait for another few weeks, because I’ve been given such a great gift.

Today’s miracle: Another stinky pile of poo has been turned into fertilizer for a beautiful new garden. 🙂

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