May 01

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Making room on my plate

I’m kind of stumped for what to write about tonight.  It’s not that there isn’t amazing stuff going on.

There is SO much amazing stuff going on, I can’t just pull out one single thing to focus on and create a coherent narrative out of.  It’s like a huge ball of yarn and I can’t find the end.

Instead I’ll tell you about the thing I’m letting go of.

On Jan. 1, I joined a group of women to work on releasing weight.  I was completely invested in the process and I had a plan that I thought would work well for me – a series of new habits that I wanted to install in my life slowly over a period of time.

Then, on Jan. 3, I got sick.  Really, REALLY sick (Read the post – Releasing and letting go).  Some of you may remember me writing about being in bed for 10 days. And then another couple of weeks of recovery after that.  I lost about 6 pounds in the process, but it was definitely NOT the best way to go about it!

Once I was healthy, I planned to join the group again. But then I dived into the book proposal and video for Hay House and that was all I could focus on (Read the post Will you love me even if I fail?). There was no room in my head or spirit for anything else.  So I put the weight release group off until I’d turned in the book proposal.

But when the book proposal was done, I had joined a class for women thought leaders that took all of my attention (read the postI believe).

And now that has ended, I’m taking a branding class and have two more classes on the horizon, plus several weekly phone calls with brilliant colleagues to support each other to greater heights.

Today I finally admitted to myself – my weight is not a priority for me right now.

Would I like to lose 20 pounds?  Absolutely.

Am I willing to do the work to make it happen right now?  No.

And I know this is true because there are some other things that I’m willing to commit myself to heart and soul – building my brand, building my business, rocking my own world.  And I can do that no matter how much I weigh.

A couple hours ago I sent an email to my weight release group bowing out.  It was a hard thing to write.  I feel a little sad and a little guilty.  And a lot relieved.  Because I’ve finally been honest with myself.

In order to be present with what’s most important, I’m letting go of what’s less important right now.
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Today’s miracle: Letting go of things that aren’t top priority so I have more room on my plate for things that ARE top priority.


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