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Here are just some of the endorsements I’ve received from noted authorities for my work:

“Leah Carey is a bright light in the field of self-empowerment and writing as a healing art. With Transforming Your Body Image she has created a step-by-step guide that empowers the user to discover their own unique beauty – a change that begins with the mind, not the waistline.”

–Iyanla Vanzant
Bestselling author and teacher


“Leah Carey is a very talented visionary. [Working with Leah on Bosom Buddies] was the most rewarding thing I’ve ever done.”

–Jodi Picoult
Bestselling novelist


“Getting It Off Our Chests is an effective exploration of breast cancer written and performed by a group of survivors. There is nothing trivial here, but rather deep soul-searching confessions shared amongst ‘bosom buddies’. Some will make you laugh; others cry. It helped them and it can help you with any challenge of great significance.”

–C. Everett Koop, MD. ScD
Former U.S. Surgeon General


“Leah Carey, you are a walking miracle every day and I’m so happy to know you.”

–Michele Rosenthal
Founder of HealMyPTSD and


Getting It Off Our Chests is a deeply moving portrayal of women who’ve lived with cancer. Although the subject is painful, the very fact of writing is hopeful. When we write, we affirm our connection with others. We reach out from our very private sorrow, despair, anger or isolation to connect with someone we may never meet, but who we take a chance may understand us or perhaps feel understood. I am richer for having had the chance to hear these women share their stories.”

–Ellen Bass
Bestselling author


“As an oncologist myself, and friend of some of the women involved, I have been struck by how Bosom Buddies has given both a powerful and empowering voice to women who so often felt powerless in the face of cancer. Rather than encouraging a “just think positive” attitude, these women are a powerful example of what it means to examine the dark fears that come with a cancer diagnosis and come out the other side. This process has given these women a voice, both on the stage and in their lives, and they are using that voice to spread their message of hope to both medical practitioners and other patients.”

–Dr. Joseph O’Donnell, Oncologist
Editor-In-Chief, Journal of Cancer Education


“No matter how hard we try as breast cancer specialists to understand what our patients are experiencing, we can never truly know the personal and individual struggles they have with friends, family, treatment, and even “inner demons”. This is a performance that should be viewed by all medical oncologists and those in training so that they can learn to see beyond the risks and benefits of cancer treatment to the individuals who are seeking their help and advice.”

–Dr. Kathryn Edmiston, Oncologist
Associate Professor of Medicine, University of Massachusetts Medical School

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