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Mar 14

The divine cuddle

This beautiful miracle – and important reminder – comes from reader Lisa:

Any parent who has ever had a toddler creep into their bed in the wee hours of the night know . . . there is little to no rest from that point on.

This was the case for my …

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Jan 29

The car accident

a.k.a. – Carried on the wings of angels

This is going to be quick because I’m utterly exhausted this evening.

This morning on my way to work, I had a car accident.  The road was very slick, and although I was going under the speed limit, I still lost traction and went all over the …

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Apr 01

The miracle of spinning wheels…or not

It snowed today.  A lot.  No April Fools.  Just a whole bunch of heavy, wet snow.

I contemplated not going into the newspaper, but I was pretty sure that if I drove slowly enough I’d be fine.  The first half of the drive it was clear sailing – no problem.  The second half was kind …

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