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Oct 07

I need help

“I need help.”

Over the past several years, I’ve gotten pretty good at knowing my own mind and asking for what I need. But hot, fat tears ran down my cheeks as I typed those three words.

The logjam started a couple months ago while I was working on the 175th anniversary special edition for …

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Aug 02

Letting myself be angry

The past 24 hours have been very enlightening – not easy, but enlightening. 🙂

Yesterday I had an issue with a company that spanned conversations with several customer service agents. By the time I got to the supervisor, I was irritated. No one I’d spoken with seemed to have any interest or ability to solve …

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Jun 27

The second agreement: Don’t take anything personally

I’ve had a fascinating opportunity this week to practice the second of Miguel Ruiz’s Four Agreements: “Don’t take anything personally.”

As a habitual people pleaser, I made taking things personally a high art.  In the last few years, I’ve made a conscious effort to take my sensitivity down a notch or six and realize that …

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Feb 21

Will you still love me…

I had a profound – and profoundly disturbing – realization this morning as I spoke with my prayer partner.  I was telling her about an upsetting conversation I’d had over the weekend and, as sometimes happens, I started to hear myself speaking as if I were sitting on my own shoulder.  From that place, I …

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Nov 15

Letting go…of a treadmill

First of all – 117 likes on last night’s post…and still counting!  Wow!  I’m assuming that a fair number of those are from new readers. I’m very pleased to welcome you to The Miracle Journal.  If you’ve got a miracle that you’d like to share, please click here.  I post reader-submitted miracles periodically.

On to …

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Aug 09

Two monks

Tonight I feel cranky and unsettled.  Nothing bad happened today, but it was a difficult day nonetheless.  A day when I felt like the air around me was crackling with static and my own discomfort.

Tonight I don’t really feel like writing any of my own stuff.  Instead a story comes to mind that I …

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Apr 09

A dysfunctional family miracle

Tonight a friend mentioned my post from earlier this week about my grandfather. It expanded to a longer conversation about family dynamics and led me down a garden path of family memories that I haven’t traveled in a while. Unlike some of the other experiences I’ve related recently of re-visiting old memories, this was not …

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