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Sep 29

Vision and a voice

Tonight’s guest post is from Virginia Cunningham, a freelance writer in Los Angeles who specializes in special needs, alternative medicine and other health issues. She also works with Northwest Pharmacy. After learning how to appreciate everything she’s learned through this journey with HPE, she also educates parents with special needs children about special educations laws …

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Sep 04

Inspiration from Kathleen Turner

Today while I was driving, I heard a radio interview with Kathleen Turner.  Having tuned into th emiddle of the interview, how did I know  it was Kathleen Turner?  How could you NOT know it’s Kathleen Turner with that luscious, fan-flipping-tastic voice?!?!  🙂

Anyway, during the 15 minutes that I heard, she said two things …

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Sep 20

The Miracle Challenge – day #6

Can I be honest?  I wasn’t sure how well this challenge would work.

I mean, I know how transformational writing The Miracle Journal has been to me over the past nine months and what a difference it has made in my life.  But I wasn’t sure that inviting other people to do the same thing …

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Sep 18

The Miracle Challenge – day #4

Good morning everyone!

This morning I thought I’d do a run-down of our participants thus far.

We have 19 people who have made declarations!  And I’ve gotten emails from a couple more people who will be joining us, which puts us well over the 20 mark.  Just think – 20 people for 30 days – …

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Feb 14

The miracle of acknowledging our beautiful qualities

Today I had the great honor of talking with Michelle Phillips on her Hay House Radio show, The Beauty Blueprint. One of the exercises she suggested was writing out a list of your beautiful qualities. I’ve decided to take on the challenge myself tonight. It feels a bit funny to be doing this publicly, rather …

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Jan 22

The miracle of a picture perfect day

Today I had the great pleasure of driving through Franconia Notch (a mountain pass in northern New Hampshire) on a rare clear day.  Lately we’ve been living from one storm to the next, as is appropriate given that we live in ski country.  But today the ski was a bright blue, there were a few …

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