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Jan 11

Book Review – Stories From Spirit

Stories From Spirit
by Sheila Callaham
Purchase links: Amazon

I first met Sheila Callaham last year when she invited me onto her podcast to talk about The Miracle Journal. We spent a couple of hours on the phone laughing like old friends the first time we talked. A couple weeks later she …

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Jan 08

Book review – Love @ First Click

Love @ First Click:
The ultimate guide to online dating
by Laurie Davis
Purchase links: Amazon,  Barnes & Noble, Simon & Schuster

One in five relationships starts online these days.  That’s eFlirt Expert Laurie Davis’s assertion and I believe her.  Why?  Because of my last two relationships, two of them started online. …

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Nov 25

Book Review – Click!

Choosing Love One Frame At A Time
by Carl Studna
Purchase links: Amazon,  Barnes & Noble, Hay House

I was looking forward to loving this book, but it just didn’t (you’ll forgive the pun) “click” with me.

Physically it’s a gorgeous book – the …

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Aug 25

Book Review – Great Sex Naturally

Great Sex Naturally
By Dr. Laurie Steelsmith and Alex Steelsmith
Purchase links: Amazon, B&N, Hay House

When I ordered this book, I was curious to see how it approached the idea of sex. Which word of its title would it focus on: sex or naturally?  Would it provide exercises and techniques, …

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Jul 30

Book Review: Through The Eyes of Another by Karen Noe

Through The Eyes Of Another :
A medium’s guide to creating heaven on earth by encountering your life review now
By Karen Noe
Purchase links: Amazon, B&N, Hay House

I wasn’t sure what to expect when I started Karen Noe’s book Through The Eyes Of Another.  I …

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Jul 14

Book Review: Entanglement by Gregg Braden

As promised recently, this is the first of a series of book reviews. Specifically, I have joined the Hay House Book Nook review program, which means that I receive promotional copies of books in exchange for a review.

Entanglement : A tales of everyday magic novel
By Gregg Braden and Lynn Lauber

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