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Mar 19

Releasing the chains

On Sunday morning, I had 3 or 4 really happy hours. Normally I wouldn’t think that was so unusual, but they’re the first truly carefree hours I’ve had since the breakup. I think it means that I’m starting to round the bend.  Which brings me to an uncomfortable confession.

When I wrote last week about …

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Feb 04

The miracle of a broken heart

Father and daughter hold hands

Not calling Mr. Blue Eyes over the last week has taken every bit of will power I’ve got.  I miss talking to him and I’m fairly certain he’d be happy to hear from me.

Here’s the problem – every time I think about talking to him, I go straight into victim mode.  “If I say …

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Jan 03

The cross stitch

A few weeks ago, as things were falling apart with Mr. Blue Eyes, I had the sudden urge to do a cross stitch. I did a few projects in high school and then I’d pick it up again periodically when I was out on the road working in theatre.  I haven’t done one in years.

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Jan 17

The miracle of compassion

This past summer, I ended a two-year relationship. I knew it was the right thing to do – the relationship no longer made me happy – but it was still SO hard. He was up for a big promotion, I was in the middle of waiting to hear about the big contests I’d entered – …

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