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Sep 12

Stopping the terror

Recently I noticed an interesting and increasingly predictable shape to my weeks at the newspaper – Mondays I was close to useless, which stressed me out.  Tuesday I started getting myself together and making some phone calls, none of which were returned, which stressed me out.  Wednesday I made more phone calls and got a …

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Aug 17

Letting go of “stupid”

Yesterday I had a crappy day. Really, really crappy. I’ve been given an assignment at the newspaper that has left me feeling over my head and completely lost – why do I have to be the one to do a multi-part series on the economy when I know absolutely jack-all about the economy?!?!?  In fact, …

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Jul 11

Seeing the Evidence

Since I started working at the Caledonian Record I’ve been clipping out all of the pieces that ran with my byline.  I’ve always liked to have a record of my work and I figured that I wasn’t writing that much, so it wouldn’t pile up too quickly.

Nice concept, but not the truth.  For the …

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Jun 23

Being seen

An interesting thing has started happening in the last few weeks – I’m being stopped on the street by people I don’t know (or who I recognize but can’t place) with kind words about my work. The first several times it happened, I laughed it off as an unlikely fluke – a very pleasant one, …

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Jun 08

Shedding my shyness, part 2

This shedding my shyness thing is turning out to be really interesting. Today I had a chance to shoot some pictures of people cooling off at a swimming hole nearby for the newspaper. It was really fun because I got to hop around on the rocks and talk to several different people.

A little further …

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May 13

Watching the Business

Today I turned in my third Business Watch column at the newspaper. This is notable for two reasons:

1. Now that I’ve done three of them I can almost convince myself that it’s not a fluke and they’ll keep letting me do it.  🙂

2. I was an absolute maniac the first two weeks.  In …

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May 02

The miracle of an interesting life

“May you live in interesting times.”  It is said to be an ancient Chinese curse.

As I listen to the news today of Osama Bin Laden’s death, I can’t help but think that these are, in fact, interesting times. People gather in droves to celebrate a death. People hear news that they’ve been yearning for …

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